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Digital Multimeter
The Digital multimeters are the testing tools, designed to provide the measurement of two and even more than two electrical values. These are popular as the standard diagnostic tools used by technicians in the industries of electrical as well as electronic.
Digital Insulation Tester
Offered Digital Insulation Testers have been designed to prevent the hazards of short-circuits and electric shock caused by the insulation in electrical parts & devices. These are suited for industrial buildings and plants. 
Digital Earth Resistance Tester
We are dealing in Digital Earth Resistance Testers, which are functional as the grounding resistance testers. Basically, these are the soil resistance measuring instruments, suited for projecting as well as sizing the grounding grids.
DCA/ACA Clamp Meter
Offered DCA/ACA Clamp Meters are the electrical testers, made to clamp around the electrical conductor. Offered are functional as the single-purpose tools which can accurately and efficiently measure the AC current.
ACA Clamp Meter
Offered ACA Clamp Meters are the electrical testing tools of high precision. These are combined with the attributes of basic digital multimeter as well as current sensor. These are made to measure current as well as to probe the measure voltage.
Digital Tachometer
Digital tachometers, we deal in are non-contact devices. These are made to assess RPMs. Also, these can measure the number of rotations made on a reflective surface in every minute.
Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
The Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, offered by us are capable to measuring the thickness of different materials. They offer high degree of accuracy and can perform measurements on assorted materials, such as plastic, ceramics, metals, composites, glass, epoxies, and others.
Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors are accessible with a special technique among all the applications of industrial ultrasonic analysis. These can detect the clear echo patterns and can be used with ease since they are portable instruments. 
Digital Vibration Meter
We are dealing in Digital Vibration Meters, which are suited for the machine production. These are suited for product testing, condition monitoring and quality assurance. The said appliances are widely used by the maintenance technicians.
Surface Roughness Tester
We are offering high-quality Surface Roughness Testers, which are suited to determine the surface texture in a speedy and accurate way. Also, these can exhibit the measured roughness depth.