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Digital Multimeter

The Digital Multimeters are the highly functional testing tools, utilized for measuring two or more than two electrical values. These are the standard diagnostic tools, used by the technicians in the industries of electrical as well as electronic. Supplied devices ensure combined functionality of ohmmeter, ammeter and voltmeter. The said instruments are appreciable for their small size, ease in operation and affordability. Digital Multimeters are incorporated with analog/digital converters, which provide accurate and clearly visible digital readout. These are more accurate in comparison to analog multimeters and discard the errors of parallax and interpolation. Their 'auto-polarity' function is so helpful and ensure ease in different functions. Since, these feature no moving parts, these stay totally free from the wear as well as shock failures.

603 Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter 603+

603+ is a versatile digital multimeter with IR and live wire test functions. 

  • Data hold and auto power off
  • Low battery indication
  • Sturdy body

171TRMS Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter 171TRMS+

Features :

  • 5999 count
  • True RMS
  • Torchlight
  • NCV Test
  • Sturdy body

Digital Multimeter 603A

Digital Multimeter 603A+

603A+ is a versatile digital multimeter with IR and live wire test functions. 

  • Data hold and auto power off
  • Low battery indication
  • Sturdy body

Digital Multimeter 31C

Digital Multimeter 31C



Digital Multimeter 18Trms

Digital Multimeter 18Trms

3.1 General Features

3.1.1 take the CMOS big scale integrated circuit as the core. in AC / DC voltage. the
AC/DC electric current. the resistance. the frequency and the electric capacity measure it can automatically transform the measuring range. making it more convenient.
3.1.2 greatest display: 6000 Counts (3 60)
3.1.3 has the function of back light. data hold. the maximum minimum value hold measure.
3.1.4 automatic cathode display: Displays
3.1.5 batteries insufficient display: Displays
3.1.6 Auto power OFF

After turning on the instrument and without turning the function switch or
pressing any button. the instrument will automatically enter into sleep mode after 10 minutes to save battery power when it is in the sleep mode you can press the SELECT key to wake up the instrument. If you don't need the automatic sleep mode. you should hold down the SELECT key to turn on the instrument. and then the symbol still not be display on the LCD.
3.1.7 working condition: 0 C40C. 75%RH (max)
3.1.8 storage environment: -10 C 60C. 80%RH (max)
3.1.9 battery: 9V(6F22 or equivalent)
3.1.10 external dimensions : 191 (length) 94 (width) 49 (height) mm
3.1.11 weight: approximately 4oog (contain battery)

Overload protection: uA/mA: F1 A/250V with fuse, 10A F1 0A/250V fuse, Voltage drop measure: full measure range is 600mV (10A is 100mV),

Frequency: 10H 1kHz (warning: frequency for squre wave accuracy is specified from 10Hz to 400Hz)

display: TRUE RMS (sinusoidal waveform RMS calibration)

greatest input electric current: 10A (less than 10 seconds)

Digital Multimeter DM620


Digital Multimeter 31


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