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Digital Insulation Tester

Digital Insulation Testers are designed to check the electrical circuits for detecting several faults. These are mainly used to measure the insulation resistance and excel on the terms of safety as well as security. Digital Insulation Testers are exclusively made for insulation resistance measurement and find compatibility with electrical equipment such as transformers, machine, motors and others. These are also suited for the cables of communication networks. In addition, these are effortless for industrial, residential and commercial installations. Minoo Impex provide these testers at affordable rates. These have been designed to prevent the hazards of short-circuits as well as electric shocks. Supplied testers are demanded for buildings, industrial plants and others. These have rugged design as well as hard carrying case so as to enable excellent functionality in the field.

Digital Insulation Tester DIT 3125A

Digital Insulation Tester 3125A

High voltage insulation testers are suitable for non-destructive measurement of insulation resistance in electrical systems, machines, transformers and cables. These testers are useful for preventive maintenance in the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. 

Features :  

  • Extra Large backlight  LCD display 999 counts(1000 counts only at 1T is displayed).
  • Bargraph Max 36 point.  
  • Dual Power Compatible can be Operated on Batteries and on AC adapter.

Digital Insulation Tester DIT 3125A(Eco)

Digital Insulation Tester 3125A(Eco)

Features :


  • Auto-discharge function, the operation is safe.
  • LCD Back-light.
  • Digital readout display.
  • Live circuit warning symbols with audio sounds. 
  • Auto-power off, if no operation for 10mins.
  • Timer measurement function(automatically performs during the set time).
  • Low voltage indication.
  • Polarization Index(PI) measurement.
  • 12V DC input interface : DC adapter(12V/1A).





Digital Insulation Tester DIT 3125

Digital Insulation Hi-Tester 3125

  • DIT 3125 Insulation Hi -Tester
  • Large LCD Back light display
  • 500V/1000V/2500V/
  • 5000V 1000G
  • AC/DC Volt test 30 600V

Digital Insulation Tester DIT 918

Digital Insulation Tester DIT 918

  • Large LCD Backlight display


  • 100V/250V/500V
  • 1000V/2500V 50G
  • AC/DC Volt test 30 600V 

Digital Insulation Tester DIT 954

5 kV Insulation Tester (DIT 954)


2.1 DIT 954 is a electron controlled mini type instrument, there into, the high voltage insulation resistance tester has three insulation resistance for voltage test. safety standard IEC61010

2.2 The design is up to the following safety standard: IEC 1010. 89/ 336/ EEC (electromagnetism compatibility, Nov, 1992, EMC) P73/23/EEC (product safety regulation: Nov, 6th, 1979, low-voltage regulation: Feb,19th,1973)

2.3 Automatically release voltage function:

2.4 Be used for the insulation resistance of all kinds of electron equipment and insulation material, such as transformer \ generator cable \ switch \ electric equipment and so on. Be used for the maintenance \ test and check of all the series of electric equipment.

2.5 Rated voltage variable DIT 954  Rated voltage can be switched among 1000V, 2500,5000V by knob switch.

2.6 High voltage indication There is the LED in the instrument (HV ON) indicating the high voltage work state.

2.7 Low battery indication.

2.8 Battery drive, removing the operation of hand-cranked generator.

2.9 3 1/2 digital display, reading clearly.

2.10 The measurement range for DIT954 is 10MQ 199.9GQ.

2.11 Convenient operating and taking.

2.12 Strong carrying capability, output short circuit current is <20 mA.

2.13 Complete protecting circuitry, in case of voltage counterattack and output short circuit protection.

2.14 Can test AC Voltage 1V-750V, the frequency of AC Voltage is 40Hz-70Hz.

2.15 International fashion design, dust proof and damp proof, can be applied to outside operation.

2.16 Meter Size: 170 114 64mm

2.17 Weight: 500g (Include battery)

Technical Specifications

  • Test condition: test temperature / humidity 23  5C/4575%RH;
  • Low battery voltage indication;
  • Insulation resistance:  500MQ (1000V);
  • Voltage with stand: AC 2KV 50Hz 1 minute;
  • Operation temperature and humidity:
  • 0C 40C / Relative humidity 85% or less;


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