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Voltage Detectors

COL 45 Digital Color Meter

Measuring principle

Color meter works according to the tristimulus absorption and imitates human vision. It does this by means of 3 color sensors with almost identical spectral sensitivity in the areas of red, green and blue. The color values determined in this way are represented as X, Y and Z values on the display and automatically converted to other color spaces.


This instrument can be used to measure the color of no lighting and non-fluorescent samples such as textile, paper, leathers, painting materials, etc. It can also be used for calculating color differences between two color in any of the six color spaces. It is a useful tool for quality control and wide industrial applications.

ULD 30 Ultrasonic Leakage Detector

Measuring principle

Gas or air leaks usually consists of gas flowing from higher-pressure region to lower one, and when this pressure difference happens through a small opening or a leak, the turbulence created generates an ultrasonic sound. This ultrasonic sound is very directional in nature, and this instrument can be used to pinpoint the exact origin of this sound and subsequently the leak.


This instrument is designed to locate the source of the ultrasonic emissions generated by gas or air leaks, applicable to detect leaks in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, heating systems, internal leaks in steam transfers, compressed air leaks, tire and tube leaks, engine seals, electrical arcing, bake system, bearing problems. With ultrasonic transmitter, it is applicable to air leaks around door and window gaskets and seals, water leaks in roofs, conduit and pipe identification, door and trunk seals, windshield leaks.

Digital Angle Gauge AG 900

Digital Angle Gauge AG 900

Details :


  • 400mm with Horizontal and Vertical
  • Working range angle : 0o ~ 225  
  • Glass bubble can be used as spirit level
  • Resolution : 0.1o
  • Angle precision : +0.5o   
  • Display : Backlit LCD
  • Data Hold
  • Rust free anodized Aluminium frame
  • Auto power off
  • Power : 9V Battery
  • Blister packing


Micro Power Meter PG 08

Power Guard(Micro Power Meter) PG 08

Applications : Teaching, Demonstration & Testing of Electrical energy consumption in household / office appliances. It can be used in houses, offices, shops, schools, laboratories, etc.   

Measures :


  • Power(W).
  • Power Facotr(PF).
  • Current(mA).
  • Voltage(V).
  • Frequency(Hz).
  • Total used time(min).
  • Total used energy(KWh).
  • Carbon emission(CO2 in kg). 


Features :

  • Smart Two Pin Socket.
  • Large LCD display with backlight.
  • Blinking LCD to alarm when KW is over threshold.
  • Single-Phase.
  • Constant: 6400imp/kWh.
  • Memory retention[KWh, min].
  • Set the alarm threshold load.

General Specifications :

  • Accuracy : Class 1.0
  • Power consumption : Less than 1W.
  • Input : 220V, 50Hz, 10A(max).
  • Working Temperature : -25oC to +55oC.
  • Constant: 6400imp/kWh.
  • Dimensions : 120 x 65 x 55 mm.
  • Weight : 130gms.

AC Voltage Detector CD 2

Non-Contact Voltage Tester CD 2

  • Voltage Tester CD-2
  • Non - contact detection of AC voltage
  • 24V AC ~ 600V AC
  • For use on circuit
  • CAT III 600V
  • Measurement Method: Non-contact detection
  • Voltage Sensitivity: 24 "240V
  • AC voltage Range : 24VAC ~ 600VAC
  • For use on 50/60Hz circuits
  • CAT III 600V
  • SIZE : 159 x 22mm
  • WEIGHT: About 30g(Not Include battery)
  • Packing: Blister Card